Istanbul, of which historical background goes back to B.C 6500’s, is the only city situated upon two continents along with its Bosphorus being a narrow maritime passage between Asia and Europe continents. Following its establishment in this strategic region where the seas meet the lands, Istanbul became a major commercial center.

Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli is the biggest Organized Industrial Zone of Turkey with its 30 thousands of workplaces, 300 thousands of employees, investment value, production, export, employment and contribution to the national economy. An industrial, commercial and SME city that the entrepreneurs established on a 700 hectare of land with their own equity capitals in order to continue their production in the modern facilities of İkitelli which has become unsustainable within the historical peninsula.

Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli has gained a legal entity status following the creation of Entrepreneurs Committee on 3rd October 2001. It has later become one of the pioneer of Turkish Industry along with daily 2, 5 million hours kilowatt hour production consumption, 30 thousand cubic meter water, 550 thousand cubic meter natural gas consumption, 32 thousand of telephone subscription and 25 kilometers of main artery roads along with 450 megawatt installed power, 150 km-35 kilowatt high-tension underground cable lines, 377 pieces of transformer stations

In the past 25 years Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli has become one of the biggest production, trade and sales bases of the world. It is situated in Başakşehir district of İstanbul, in the north of TEM highway and 15 kilometers from Eminönü, and around 10 kilometers away from Bayrampaşa Bus Station, Ataturk Airport, Third Bridge linking road to be constructed and recently planned new Airport.

Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli that has also broken a world record with respect to the sector diversity consists of 37 participant cooperatives and 21 self-contained parcels. It is administered by 15 entrepreneurs committees under the presidency of the governor of Istanbul of which 7 are composed of organizations while 8 of them are formed by participant cooperatives and by the Board of Managers consisting of 5 members.

We can list as follows the projects that Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli has recently accomplished, dreamed of and taken steps in the direction of realizing these dreams:

The Entrepreneur Committee of Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli established Vocational Education Center providing education in various professional fields within Industrial Site of Bağcılar -Güngören in the year 2011. Our presidency that gives a major importance to the educational investments put the biggest vocational school among all Organized Industrial Zones into the service of our industry and industrials.

Private İkitelli OIZ (Organized Industrial Zone) Vocational and Technic Anatolian High School, private school and colleges were put into service as of the educational year of 2013-2014 within the aim of providing the qualified labor force which is among the primary requirements of our industrials do not charge the students for their educations and they are based upon full scholarships. Its new additional building was opened in the educational year of 2014-2015 and it gives education with its 99 classrooms, 34 workshops, 6 laboratories, 2 dining halls, libraries, closed sport centers and conference and exposition of 130 persons

The presidency of Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli provides cheap, quality and constant electricity to around 16 thousand of subscribers with its eligible consumer as the distribution license. Thus, the electricity which is among the most important expenditure item for the industrials situated in other regions is supplied for very low prices and our entrepreneurs are assisted to enable them have the power of being in the competition with the others

Our current high tension transformer power has been increased from 300MVA to 450MVA and 150 km 25kv (kilowatt) underground cable line implementation was completed in the year 2014. Also the GIS (Geographical Information System), CC (Call Center) and SIMS (Subscriber Information Management System) as well as the Scada and AMRS(Automatic Meter Reading System) have been realized which enabled our Electric Distribution System to gain the most recent technology utilized all around the World. Therefore there is minimum power cut, minimum power loss and zero illegality so that our industrials receive the most quality electricity they actually deserve.

As the high tension underground cables engaged, all of the aerial cables were removed.

There is not even a single street or boulevard in darkness as 400 electric lamp posts and 600 armatures have been added to the lighting systems of our streets and boulevards. Also, the communication of Scada and meter tracking systems that used to be performed via GSM networks have been started to be effectuated in much quicker and secure way via 45.000mt(meters) of fiber optical cable systems of which implementation has already been completed. 

Our presidency of Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli has modernized its management approach and received ISO 9001 in the management field, ISO 14001 in the environment field, OHSAS 18001 ISO ınternational Quality Certificates in the work safety and health field which confirmed the “İkitelli” brand and logo along with national brand registration.

In addition, our application to the under secretariat of the Treasury within the aim of receiving and Investment Incentive Certificate has been finalized and we have been granted an Investment Incentive Certificate. Thanks to that certificate our presidency had a high incidence of acquisitions.

Within the frame of the collection and recycle of packing wastes; Package Recycle units have been provided to 37 cooperatives and the organization related to their collection has been realized.

The Presidency of Organized Industrial Zone has accelerated the zoning license and currently 32 cooperatives had their complete zoning license while 5 cooperatives received partial license and 9 self-contained parcels were granted construction permit. Besides, 30 cooperatives received complete licenses and 5 cooperatives partial license while 3self-contained parcels were given their housing licenses.

Just like the zoning licenses, we assumed “there shall not be any workplace without license in our region” slogan with respect to business licenses and the entire region was licenses within a very shot while following our attentive operations.

In accordance with the human and environment oriented modern age requirements, a training room for 60 persons, a conference hall for 400 persons and comfortable study rooms were designed in the early 2012 and our establishment that moved to the building befitting to its participants pursues its activities in that building.

7 billion dollar of export is performed each year at the Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli performs.

At the Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli 300 thousand persons come to work and return home every single day and the transport from different points to the downtown is performed via high ways and rail systems. The opening of Metro in the first quarter of the year 2014 reduced the transport issue of the region and enlightened the traffic density.

The Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli which is already the capital of industry, commerce and employment with the passenger transport of 400-500 thousand persons and of 50 thousand tons of goods each day will enhance even more its already valuable strategic situation with the addition of new investments.

The fact that YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark and Living Lab which is Laboratory of Başakşehir Yaşam began their activities by accelerating the scientific activities of the industry is among the indicators that the region will be the center of technologic inventions in the upcoming years.

Committee Presidency of the Entrepreneurs of the Organized Industrial Zone of İkitelli that provided a sigh of relief to the urban life of Istanbul following all these developments fulfills its duties and services with its 150 member of experienced, qualified team in a more transparent, attender and answerable manner. It also assumes being an exemplary institution at national and international arena and protecting the national and regional benefits as the primary duties. The Presidency is aiming to be a production and commercial center that functions properly with its employees and entrepreneurs, upper and lower structures, has nor issue related to the zoning, produces its own energy, uses its own telecommunication and communication system in an active manner and consequently it is admired by the entire world due to all of its above stated qualities.  

In addition to service based targets, we pursue our projects with respect to the creation of a kindergarten where the employees in the regions can safely leave their children, a constant fair and congress center where our participants can easily expose their productions, offices providing comfortable working opportunities and hotels planned for business travels, college and universities that will break new ground in the education field as well as the construction of recyclable energy sources.


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